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Assistant Principal - Tolleson Elementary School District

by Job Postings

Posted on June 30, 2022




1.         Master’s Degree or higher in education.

2.         Principal Certification required.

3.         Three (3) years or more of successful teaching in K-8.

4.         Bilingual preferred.


REPORTS TO:  Principal


SUPERVISES OR ASSISTS IN SUPERVISING:  Staff members designated by the principal.


JOB GOAL:  To assist the principal in providing school wide leadership and support the principal as an instructional leader.  The Assistant principal would support and monitor academic achievement through curriculum and instruction and provide leadership in student personnel management and community relations.




1.   Assists the principal in the overall administration of the school including serving as an instructional leader by evaluating and supporting teachers in the district evaluation program.


2.   Serves as principal in the absence of the regular principal.


3.   Distributing, training and providing staff development for all districts and state assessments.


4.   Supervising and monitoring technology impacting student schedules and computer labs.


5.   Maintaining budgets dealing with textbooks and other supplemental teaching materials.


6.   Assistant principal will conduct inservice training of staff in teaching strategies including: Essential Elements of Instruction (EEI), English Language Learner (ELL) methods, Special Education and 504 accommodations.


7.   Assist teachers with Improvement Plans.


8.   Assist with observations of certified and support staff.


9.   Monitor and supervise the ELL program.


10. Monitor and supervise the services for the cognitively gifted students.


11. Collaborate with high school district in placement and transition of students.


12. Monitor Child Study Teams and other efforts dealing with student placement such as promotion/retention/classroom assignment.


13. Provide support for monolingual students and parents in areas of discipline, communication and involvement.


14. Coordinate substitute staff.


15. Implement the school-wide discipline/citizenship program.


16. Assist in any other functions assigned by the principal.




  1. Employment year is twelve (12) months.
  2. Holidays consistent with the adopted twelve month employee calendar.
  3. Salary and contract terms to be established by the Governing Board.

Evaluation of this job will be evaluated in accordance with provisions of the Board’s policy on Evaluation of Administrative Personnel.


Primary Location Sheely Farms Elementary
Salary Range $68,223.00 – $83,109.00 / Per Year
Shift Type Full-Time
Job Contact Information
Name Ms. Cathey Mayes
Title Administrator of Human Resources
Phone (623) 533-3900


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