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Posted Date: 08/07/2022

Leading Minds Webinar Series

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Presented by Tracey Smith, Steve Miller, and Jeff Waller

Back by Popular Demand!

Don’t Let the Teachers Eat the Students

A Practical Planning Guide for School Excellence in 2022-23


Thursday, August 18 |  4-5 PM ET


Tracey Smith is the principal of Kelly Mill Elementary School and Steve Miller is the principal of Mashburn Elementary School, both in Forsyth County, Georgia. Jeff Waller is the cofounder of 7 Mindsets.



Back by popular demand! Originally presented in April 2022, this webinar will focus on practical planning for the new school year.

Everything is possible! We are all aware of the many challenges of achieving classroom and school excellence in 2022. However, we believe that every school can create welcoming and nurturing cultures where educators are uplifted and empowered to transform lives.

We invite you to join us for this webinar panel discussion, where Principal Tracey Smith, Principal Steve Miller, and 7 Mindsets Co-founder Jeff Waller offer practical solutions and a roadmap for planning real and meaningful change in the coming school year.

In this interactive session, participants will learn:

  • The one key variable that stands out as a predictor of sustained excellence
  • Five key elements of courageous schools
  • Four questions to assess your current school culture and develop an informed plan for improvement in the new school year

Through personal experience, case studies, and inspirational stories, learn how supporting educators and staff first and cultivating strong relationships among them results in profound and positive school change.

Can't attend live? You should still register and we'll send out the recording after the webinar to all registrants. 


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