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ALAS: Leaders in Equity Update - March 2, 2022

Posted Date: 03/04/2023

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March 2, 2023

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Rising Voices Library
For ALL Students! Contact Dr. Maria Armstrong TODAY
Biliteracy Resources for Diverse Students
Best Diversity and Inclusion Solution award winner: Authentic Voices
Sound-Spelling Transfer Kits created with Silvia Reyes
Intervention resources for bilingual and dual language classes
FREE Sampler and more information
Promoted by Benchmark Education
Celebrate Women's History Month!
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Protecting Schools with Germicidal Lighting
Promoted by ETi Solid State Lighting, Inc.
UVC has been proven to inactivate 99.9% of pathogens in the air and on surfaces, including Coronavirus.


Ideal for any indoor application, SilentAire LED light fixtures offer ambient, energy-saving LED illumination while actively disinfecting the air in a room. Go beyond back to normal: Be better protected, and better prepared, than ever before.

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Dr. Gustavo Balderas Named NABE Superintendent of the Year
Left: Dr. Gustavo Balderas; Center: Secretary of Education, Dr. Miguel Cardona; Right: Superintendent Guadalupe Guerrero
Just in case you missed it... ALAS' President, Dr. Gustavo Balderas named NABE Superintendent of the Year!
ALAS National Principal Leadership Academy Cohort II
Francoise Casablanca is attending our ALAS National Principal Leadership Academy Cohort II; her graduation is around the corner and she already has had the opportunity to be an interim principal at Waynewood Elementary School in Fairfax County Public Schools. She is loving her principal experience and her participation at NPLA!

We at ALAS are grateful to the Superintendent Dr. Michelle Reid and her leadership team for supporting aspiring administrators. Please take the time to recommend 1-2 candidates from your district, email Maria CastillejaLearn More
Strategic Planning with the ALAS Board
ALAS Board creates a Strategic Plan to move the organization forward in thinking and in action!
Superintendents Leadership Academy
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National Principal Leadership Academy
Learn More
20th Anniversary Summit
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Apply For Funding
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Call for Presenters
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ALAS' Leticia Ordonez's Newest Children's Book!
Oh, no! Their special gift has gone missing. Can two brothers use the power of family to find the precious toy? Maxton and Bronx wish summer would never end. Spending their days singing and playing with their kite, Mr. Macaw, they're full of joy while visiting their abuelito's village in Mexico. Learn More
Governors call for higher teacher salaries amid continued hiring struggles in schools
Governors across the nation are calling for higher teaching salaries, seeking to bolster school staffs as many struggle to hire and hold onto educators. Read More
As the Supreme Court hears arguments on student loan forgiveness, three experts explain what's at stake
Hechinger Report
Many people on both sides of the debate are awaiting the oral arguments before the Supreme Court Feb. 28 about whether President Joe Biden's student loan forgiveness plan is constitutional. Read More
What we know about tutoring research and how schools are using tutoring in pandemic recovery
Jill Barshay writes: "Ever since the pandemic shut down schools almost three years ago, I've been writing about tutoring as the most promising way to help kids catch up academically. I often get questions about research on tutoring." Read More
Transforming a school district, one relationship at a time
Education Week
During a crisis, whether it's a global public health emergency like the pandemic or an internal financial disaster, community trust can make or break a school district's recovery. Read More
What educators wished people knew about teaching
The Tech Edvocate
Every professional has gone through a teacher several times in their lifetime. Therefore, it is safe to say that teaching is one of the most important professions we have. Nevertheless, teachers are sometimes underappreciated and misunderstood. What we fail to recognize is that teachers are some of the hardest-working individuals we have. Read More
Employee morale is keeping superintendents up at night
Education Week
Concerns about school and district employee morale and burnout remain top of mind for superintendents, a new survey shows, even though they generally feel more upbeat about their own careers. Read More
K-12 schools can use AI to improve student engagement online
The Tech Edvocate
Educators can help pupils and tailor learning by using artificial intelligence-curated data. The pandemic has devastated the country's education system, with many of the major districts reporting record decreases in student enrollment. At least 240,000 pupils are unaccounted for, as per documentation provided from 78 of the nation's major school districts. Read More
What is computer science education lacking?
eSchool News
The evolving needs of the IT workforce are constantly discussed — even people who are far from it understand the constantly growing needs for computer science. And yet, U.S. high schools don't consistently offer computer science education and IT classes. Read More
5 tips for maintaining teacher-student trust as AI classroom use grows
K-12 Dive
As artificial intelligence-assisted technology increases in K-12 instruction and learning, many educators and education businesses see opportunities and potential for the tools — including enhanced instruction that can be personalized for individual students and efficiencies in conducting student or teacher-led research. Read More
The English learner population is growing. Is teacher training keeping pace?
Education Week
English learners are one of the fastest growing student populations in the country, yet the number of specialized educators for them is lagging behind. Read More
How linguistic diversity in English-language fiction reveals resistance and tension
Linguistic diversity, like other types of diversity, can enrich life. It's a truism that languages and cultures are closely allied. Some believe that language imposes its own unique perceptual grid on its users. Read More
Language adapts, students adapt — why not language tests?
Language Magazine
Imagine you are trying to build strength. You go to the gym every day, lift weights and then come home to rest and recover. The next day, you are back at the gym for another round of weightlifting. Read More
Mind your tongue — exploring the bilingual world
The 7,000 languages spoken by humanity represent a multitude of unique worldviews. Multilingualism contributes to the development of inclusive societies with multiple cultures and knowledge systems that coexist. Read More
Using artificial intelligence to support emergent bilingual students in the classroom
Language Magazine
Artificial intelligence can promote equity for emergent bilingual students in two ways:
1) by creating powerful, individualized learning pathways and
2) by quickly producing data that has historically been absent or extremely delayed. Read More
Bilinguals are less sensitive to mood changes in their second language
Big Think
Does the language we speak shape how we see and experience the world? According to linguistic determinism, differences between languages influence how we think and new research suggests that these differences also influence what we feel. Read More
Commissioner of Education
March 2, 2023 | Lincoln, Nebraska
The Nebraska State Board of Education
Editorial Director Reading Spanish Reading/Language Arts
March 9, 2023 | Multiple Locations Available or Remote
Curriculum Associates: Senior Manager, Spanish Assessment
March 9, 2023 | Remote with 20% Travel