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ALAS: Leaders in Equity Update - April 6, 2022

Posted Date: 04/09/2023

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April 6, 2023

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Protecting Schools with Germicidal Lighting
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Equity Project: Student Voices
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Superintendents Leadership Academy
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Forest Park D91, IL promotes early literacy K-5
Superintendent Dr. Elizabeth Alvarez Rising Voices — Elevating Latino Voices
Congress passed $1B for school safety last year. Only 38 districts have gotten money
Education Week
Last May, 19 students and two teachers lost their lives in the third deadliest school shooting in U.S. history, at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. Read More
Teen mental health crisis pushes more school districts to sue social media giants
The 74
The teen mental health crisis has so taxed and alarmed school districts across the country that many are entering legal battles against the social media giants they say have helped cause it, including TikTok, Snap, Meta, YouTube and Google. Read More
The pulse of K-12: How superintendents are taking on 2023's biggest challenges
eSchool News
When an unexpected crisis occurs — say, a global pandemic that forced our entire education system to transform — we believe that eventually, the distress and upheaval will evolve into calm and control as the recovery process winds down. Read More
3 reasons the superintendency — and the pipeline — are shrinking
District Administration Magazine
At the start of the school year, one survey by the National Association of Secondary School Principals revealed that 50% of principals were stressed out to the point of quitting. From March 1, 2020, to Sept. 1, 2022, almost half of the 500 largest school districts in the nation underwent — or were in the process of — leadership changes. Read More
STEM learning offers unique rewards, despite challenges
eSchool News
The positive impacts that U.S. public schools and their communities enjoy from STEM programs were underscored in a new survey conducted among some of the nation's leading middle and high school STEM educators. Read More
Misguided use of ed tech is a big problem. How schools can help prevent it
Education Week
The nation's K-12 education sector is heavily invested in educational technology. In 2020 alone, it spent $35.8 billion on technology, mainly to power the massive shift to online learning required during the height of the pandemic, according to data from the Learning Counsel, a research institute. Read More
Ed tech experts urge caution on ChatGPT's student data privacy
K-12 Dive
School districts should be concerned about ChatGPT's terms of use when permitting the artificial intelligence tool on school devices, especially when it comes to protecting students' personally identifiable information, according to Pete Just, founding chair of the Indiana CTO Council, speaking during the Consortium for School Networking conference this month. Read More
The evolution of terms describing English learners: An ELL glossary
Education Week
Students acquiring the English language are one of the fastest growing populations of K-12 public school students in the country. Legally, districts are required to provide them with adequate English language support, while also teaching them grade level academic content. Read More
Rural educators find solutions to support multilingual learners
NC State News Services
A new study found a professional development program helped teachers in a rural school district in the Southeast to collaborate and identify innovative solutions to serve multilingual learners, or students learning English as a second language. Read More
Bilingual? You should try thinking problems through in 2 languages
Fast Company
Language has a profound impact on the way we think. Concepts that you have words for are more noticeable than concepts you cannot name. Read More
Content, language, and culture learning targets
Language Magazine
Lesson planning is a political act. Schools in the U.S., at the core, are designed to promote a monocultural and monolingual perspective of teaching and learning. Read More
Map: How states describe their English learners
Education Week
The terminology used to describe students in need of English language support in schools has evolved over time, with the goal of emphasizing multilingualism as an asset. Read More
Summer activities for English language learners
Continental Press
The end of the school year is an exciting and overwhelming time for teachers and students. As students prepare for their time off, it's critical for teachers to set them up for success so their minds can stay engaged during their break. Read More
Welcoming newly arrived high school ELLs
In the U.S., the number of English language learners in public schools has been increasing steadily over the years. Those arriving as teenagers face a variety of stressful circumstances, including cultural differences, linguistic barriers and financial stressors. Read More
Superintendent of Schools
April 6, 2023 | Suffolk County, New York
Huntington Union Free School District #3
April 10, 2023 | Portland, Oregon
Superintendent of Schools
April 10, 2023 | Ridgefield Park, New Jersey
Ridgefield Park Public Schools
April 10, 2023 | Portland, Oregon
Portland Public Schools
April 10, 2023 | Manatee County, Florida
School District of Manatee County
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