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Bipartisan Budget Passes with Education Wins and Trade-Offs

Posted Date: 05/15/2023

MAY 2023

Bipartisan Budget Passes With Education Wins and Trade-Offs

The state budget, approved by both chambers of the legislature on Wednesday and which the Governor reports she will sign, demonstrates that bi-partisan (even intra-party) negotiation is achievable.


Congratulations to the Governor and the Arizona State Legislature on reaching this agreement. We are pleased to see that it supports several education priorities that we champion. Arizona has everything to gain by investing in education, including billions in economic impact, if we increase educational attainment. Our economy, our workforce, our communities and individuals all gain when more students continue their education after high school—and our state’s budget is critical part of making it happen.


The budget provides several increases in education and related issues, including housing, infrastructure, and children’s health insurance, that together represent the potential for overall improvements in education—and the quality of life—for Arizona students. It includes several potentially high-impact items that Education Forward Arizona advocated for this year.


As passed, the new budget:


  • Provides $15.5 million for dual enrollment


  • Expands the Arizona Promise Program by $20 million


  • Provides additional flexible funding for K-12 education


  • Strengthens Education Career Action Plan (ECAP) and establishes an Early Education and Career Exploration Program


  • Requires basic reporting on the school voucher program (ESAs)


While the budget, as passed, marks some clear wins in education spending and commitments, the trade-offs are serious.

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Our mission is to advocate for and act on education improvements that advance the quality of life for all Arizonans.

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