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Chief Financial Officer - Casa Grande Elementary School District

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Posted on June 30, 2022

Position Summary: The primary responsibilities of the Chief Financial Officer are to assist in ensuring that the district’s vision, mission, and goals are achieved and to ensure the judicious short- and long-term fiscal operations of the school district, including the management of all assets and liabilities. The Chief Financial Officer influences efficient and effective operations by being a regular presence in schools and departments and collaborating with District leaders.  Working closely with the Superintendent, the Chief Financial Officer will communicate to all stakeholders the budgetary process; administer the distribution of equitable financial resources in accordance with allocations determined by the Governing Board; and plans, organizes and directs all programs and activities related to financial services and operations, with emphasis on developing and maintaining effective fiscal management systems. The Chief Financial Officer also ensures the smooth functioning of the District by helping to inform policies and procedures that keep the student learning experience at heart. This position reports to the Superintendent and is a key member of the District Executive Leadership Team.


  1. Qualifications.  Bachelor’s degree in business, accounting, administration or other field closely related to functional responsibilities. A Master’s Degree and Certified Public Accountant are preferred. A minimum of three (3) years of work experience as Chief Financial Officer or a high-level position related to finances and operations, and formulating governmental budgets is preferred, as well as a working knowledge of reporting requirements for USFR and ACFR, and experience with automated comprehensive financial systems. The capacity to lead and supervise transportation services, facilities services, procurement services, and nutrition services must be demonstrated. The Superintendent may alter any of the above requirements, as deemed appropriate and acceptable.
  1. Line of Authority. The Chief Financial Officer shall report directly to the Superintendent.
  1. Performance Responsibilities. The Chief Financial Officer shall have performance responsibilities in the following areas:

 Essential Functions

  • Participates in the development of long-range strategic plans, governance structure, and objectives for leadership.
  • Prepares and presents long-range financial plans and forecasts and communicates fiscal matters to the Superintendent and the Governing Board.
  • Directs the budgeting, accounting, and reporting of all District funds (e.g., assets, liabilities, revenue, and expenses) in compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local regulations and requirements.
  • Directs the funding development of Capital Improvement Projects.
  • Executes an annual budget process that communicates the needs identified by the Superintendent and Governing Board.
  • Leads the financial services department in fiscal planning and management in development and implementation of appropriate regulations; monitoring processes, and internal controls.
  • Leads the work related to the strategic plan goal related to effective and efficient operations to ensure proper stewardship, equitable allocation of resources, and performance monitoring.
  • Provides financial guidance support and protocols to assist schools and departments.
  • Establishes policies and procedures in accordance with federal and state statute to ensure strong internal controls.
  • Supervises the district’s budget in an efficient and effective manner.
  • Assists the Superintendent, as needed, in presenting financial matters or concerns to the Board, taxpayers, and other stakeholders.
  • Supervises the administration of the business and auxiliary services of the District in an effective and efficient manner; providing for proper accounting and financial management, and for all necessary and appropriate procedures in the areas of purchasing, property control, warehousing and supply, and risk management.
  • Supervises the administration of the transportation operation of the District in an effective and efficient manner, including both student transportation and maintenance of the general services vehicles.
  • Supervises the administration of the facilities maintenance, custodial, and grounds operations of the District in an effective and efficient manner; providing for clean and safe facilities necessary for proper educational and support services operations.
  • Supervises the administration of the nutrition services operation of the District in an effective and efficient manner; providing for good nutritional school lunches prepared and served in properly maintained and clean facilities. Ensures that all requirements of the Federal National School Lunch Program are adhered to and related financial activities are performed in a proper and efficient manner.
  • Develops long-range facilities plans, provides for the acquisition of necessary school sites, and plans, coordinates and manages all new construction in an effective and financially responsible manner.
  • Oversees the purchase of supplies and equipment by the Purchasing Director in accordance with District policy and good business practice.
  • Ensures that district pupil membership and attendance records are completed accurately as required by the State.
  • Oversees the regular inspection of all buildings and classrooms and provides for maintenance and repair of existing facilities and equipment.
  • Develops and presents to the Superintendent immediate and long range plans for school facilities, including provisions for building surveys, attendance areas, transportation and evaluations of facilities and sites.
  • Performs other duties as required by Superintendent and/or Governing Board.


In addition, the Chief Financial Officer is required to exhibit the following dispositions that transformational school leaders must bring to their work (Professional Standards for Educational Leaders, 2015). These dispositions are threaded throughout the job responsibilities and maintain the focus on students:

  • Growth-oriented: Transformational education leaders believe that students, education professionals, educational organizations and the community can continuously grow and improve to realize a shared vision for student success through dedication and hard work.
  • Collaborative: Transformational education leaders share the responsibility and the work for realizing a shared vision of student success.
  • Innovative: Transformational education leaders break from established ways of doing things to pursue fundamentally new and more effective approaches when needed.
  • Analytical: Transformational education leaders gather evidence and engage in rigorous data analysis to develop, manage, refine and evaluate new and more effective approaches.
  • Ethical: Transformational education leaders explicitly and consciously follow laws, policies, and principles of right and wrong in everything they do.
  • Perseverant: Transformational education leaders are courageous, and persevere in doing what is best for students even when challenged by fear, risk and doubt.
  • Reflective: Transformational education leaders re-examine their practices and dispositions habitually in order to develop the “wisdom of practice” needed to succeed in pursuing new and more effective approaches.
  • Equity-minded: Transformational education leaders ensure that all students are treated fairly, equitably, and have access to excellent teachers and necessary resources.
  • Systems-focused: Transformational education leaders are committed to developing systems and solutions that are sustainable and effective district-wide and that generate equitable outcomes for all schools and stakeholders.


Other Duties – Perform such other tasks and assume such other responsibilities as assigned or requested, including but not limited to:


  • District Leadership Development
  • School/District Safety Coordination
  • Oversee Benefits & Risk Management
  • Coordination of Bond/Override Efforts
  • Collaboration with County Elections
  • On-boarding and Induction
  • Interest Based Bargaining
  • District Culture & Climate



This is a full time/exempt position for the 2022-2023 school year.


Includes monthly cell phone and vehicle allowance.

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